Bizarre Links

Some of the strangest links that I just could not let
pass through my mystery links into oblivion!

Last Update: 5 September, 2005
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Captain Ozone The Safe House
Random Acts Hair Wreath
Anubico Penetrode
Alex Chiu'sEternal Life Machine The Weird Site
Come Back Alive Daughter of Bizarre
MUFON                  Aluminum Foil Deflection Beanie
Find A Grave Web Pages that Suck
Infiltration Crank Dot Net
Bluelips (was: "Death Becomes You")
Off The Deep End Weird Mysteries
UFOSUS Area 51's MST3K Sound Vault
Planet X & Spring 2003 Draw your own Sound
Dulse Dr. Who - The Official Site
Bizarre News The Naked Dancing Llama
Chastity Belts Six Miniature Cups of Death
Zapato Poject Gastro
Autopsy Patently Absurd
Air guitar? Mystery Museum Complex
Frogland Yuckiest site on the Internet
SSFTASS Stupid things on the Internet
Three Jane 3 Sapringer Central
Strange but True The Strange Site
Dead Roses A Mighty Wind
Succxss The Dark Side of PEZ
Travel Sickness Bags Lark's Salon of Silliness
Secret Society Scooter Club of San Francisco Zee-Os  (a Yahoo group)

More to come...