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When The Brain Misfires - Understanding Epilepsy
Epilepsy Illustrated

Find An Epilepsy Center (USA)

Crossed up

Twisted sense of realities
Sieve retaining memories
Multiply sifted assorted trains of thought
Colliding mismatched portions rot retention
Grasp in vain one wonders if sane.

Contortions fluctuate rapidly
Preventing track with ease
Strain this mind as synapse collapse
Finding paths erroneously

Skews comprehension un-proportionately
Masking as it paints,
This picture which relates
Hollowness without known existence
Pummeling down this abyss
Surface remnants of what exists

What is missing is bliss
For being while contorted
Leaves ones mind quite distorted

Cognition of condition
Washes mental position
Of this twisted rendition

-- Todd (aka: "Toad")

VNS Page

I received the Vagus Nerve Stimulator implant, a thereaputic device for the treatment of epilepsy, in Feb. 1999. I have created an information site to inform non-medical people about the device, my experience and the experiences of others who have had the VNS implant.

What I've Learned from E-Patients: (A doctor's reaction to online support groups.)




Brain Talk - Epilepsy
Coping With Epilepsy
eHealth Epilepsy Forum
Epilepsy - MSN Groups
EFA Forum
Epilepsy Discussion Board
Epilepsy Forum (UK)
eSupport Groups - Epilepsy
The Epilepsy Support Group (MD Junction)
iVillage Epilepsy & Seizures
Regional Ep. Cntr. at Harborview
The VNS Message Board
Yahoo! Australian Epilepsy Group
Yahoo! Eileptics Unlimited

Other Information

Epilepsy Drugs Online

My steps in the acceptance of my epilepsy

Epilepsy! -- What's epilepsy?

Denial (No I DON'T have epilepsy!)

Why me? / Why is God punishing me?

I'm some sort of freak! / My life is ruined! / I can't do any of the things that I want to do!

OK I have epilepsy... Guess I'm going to have to learn to live with it! -- Now I'll find out who my REAL friends are!

I am not an epileptic, I am a person who happens to have epilepsy! -- Lots of great people have had epilepsy!

Life goes on.

Epilepsy/epileptic what's the big deal? People with diabetes are diabetic; people with asthma are asthmatic. It's just a word...

Epilepsy is just one facet of what makes me ME! -- This is ME, take it or leave it!


Epilepsy Foundation of America   
Epilepsy Foundation of North& Central Alabama
Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
Epilepsy Foundation of Southern California
Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County
Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region
Epilepsy Association of Central Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of Northwest Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of Northeast Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of South Florida
Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia
Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii
Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago
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Epilepsy of Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan
Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota
Epilepsy Foundation of the St. Louis Region
Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey
Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island
Epilepsy Foundation of New York City
Epilepsy Association of Rochester - Syracuse - Binghamton
Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio
Epilepsy Foundation of Northeast Ohio
Epilepsy Foundation of Oregon
Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
Epilepsy Foundation of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina
Epilepsy Foundation of East Tennessee
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Knoxville
Epilepsy Foundation of Middle Tennesee
Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas
Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Texas
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater North Texas
Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia
Epilepsy Foundation of Washington

American Epilepsy Society
Brain Surgery Information Center
Comprehensive Epilepsy Program - New York Hospital at Cornell University
Epilepsy Assn. of WNY, Inc.
Epilepsy Brain Surgary
Epilepsy & Brain Mapping Program
Epilepsy & The Mayo Clinic  (do a search on "epilepsy")
Epilepsy Center - Johns Hopkins
Epilepsy Contacts Database
Pediatric Epilepsy Research Center (University of Washington)
People Inc Epilepsy Services
The S.E.E. Program (Seizure & Epilepsy Education)
Strong Epilepsy Center (Rochester, NY)
Strong Epilepsy Center (CenterWatch)
Washington University Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
Association québécoise de l'épilepsie
B.C. Epilepsy Society
Fraser Valley Epilepsy Society(B.C.)
Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson's Centre Society
Epilepsy Association of Calgary
Edmonton Epilepsy Association
Epilepsy Canada
Manitoba Epilepsy Association
Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador
The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia
Epilepsy News (Epilepsy Toronto)
Epilepsy Ontario
Epilepsy PEI
Epilepsy Regina e-mail: epilepsyregina@sk.sympatico.ca
Epilepsy Toronto
AbilityOnline.net  (general support for people with disabilities)
British Epilepsy Association
Cymdeithas Epilepsi Ysbyty Gwynedd (Wales)
David Lewis Centre for Epilepsy
Epilepsy Research Group University College London
Epilepsy Support
English Press Publications: Seizure Free
National Society for Epilepsy
So It's Epilepsy!
Strathearn Neurological Access Point
Australia & NZ Epilepsy Support Group
Epilepsy Action (Australia)
Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria
Epilepsy NSW
Epilepsy Queensland Inc
Victorian Epilepsy Centre
Epilepsy New Zealand
Epilepsy Organization of Israel
Epilepsy South Africa
German Epilepsy Museum
Growing Up With Epilepsy
Indian Epilepsy Association
Int. Bureau for Epilepsy / Int. League Against Epilepsy
Maya and Maya Homepage of Epilepsy  (Israel)
Mike's Epilepsy Homepage (Singapore)
National Centre for Epilepsy (Norway)
Norsk Epilepsiforbund (NEF)(Norway)
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Clinical Pharmacology Online
Complex Partials
EEG Terminology
Epilepsia (Journal)
Epilepsie-Information (German)
Epilepsie Network
Epilepsy & Behavior (Journal)
Epilepsy Bookstore
Epilepsy - FAQ
Epilepsy International Resource Center for Epilepsy Information
Epilepsy Links  (TBINET)
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Epilepsy..? So What?!
Epilepsy Support Group
Epileptic Disorders (Journal)
Faces of Epilepsy
Health Newsflash - Epilepsy
Medtronic - Seizures & Fainting
Neuroscience for Kids
Neurosciences on the Internet Database Query: "Epilepsy"
Seizures & Epilepsy - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy
Update on Epilepsy

Famous People with Epilepsy

Bud Abbott-(Abbott & Costello)
Alexander the Great
Grover Cleveland Alexander (Pro Baseball player)
Dante Alighieri (wrote: Dante's Infirno)
Buddy Bell-USA (Pro Baseball player/manager)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Richard Burton
Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
Lord Byron
Julius Caesar
Truman Capote
Lewis Carroll
Charles V (Emperor of Austria)
Agatha Christie
Ian Curtis (of the band Joy Division)
Leonardo da Vinci
Jonathan Davis (of the band Korn)
Charles Dickens
Fydor Dostoevsky
Gustave Flaubert
Danny Glover
Sidhartha Guatama (The Buddah)
Tony Greig-England (Cricket)
Georg Fredrick Handel
Hannibal of Carthage
Margaux (Margot) Hemingway
Gary Howatt-USA (Hockey)
Joan of Arc
Elton John
Bob Jones-USA (Basketball)
Florence Griffith Joyner
Tony Lazzzari-USA (Baseball)
Edward Lear
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Vachel Lindsay
James Madison-US President
Jean Moliere-French playwright
Isaac Newton
Alfred Nobel
Nicolo Paganini
Saint Paul (disputed)
Peter the Great
Pope Pious IX
Edgar Allen Poe
Jonty Rhodes-South Africa (Cricket)
Cardinal Richelieu of France
Sir Walter Scott
Pioter (Peter) Tchaikovksy
Harriet Tubman
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Wade (Australian soccer)
Greg Walker-USA (Baseball)
William III
Neil Young

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