David A. Naess

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919 Clinton Ave. South e-mail:resume@howdydave.com
Apt. 112 URL:www.howdydave.com
Rochester, NY 14620-1436 Tel: see .pdf format or e-mail for number
USA Updated: 1 November, 2007


Steadfast, self-motivated professional with recognized achievements in Technical Writing, Analysis, Applied Statistics, SQA and Metrics. Professional experience includes: Internal Auditing, Technical Writing, Technical Proofreading, Applications Engineering, Software Engineering, Employee Training and Non-profit MIS. Applications include: Control Systems, HVAC,Thermodynamics, Geometric Optics, Software Analysis, Accounting, Econometrics, Medical Records, Analytical Research, Historical Research and Computer Lab Management. Deeply committed to quality standards and professional ethics. Top Secret security clearance (1989-DoS).


Hardware: IBM PC / PC compatible, Apple II (entire line) PDP-11, IBM 360, MODCOMP (modular mainframe computer system), Digital Mainframe.

Software:  HTML 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Windows �95, Windows 3.1, DOS, MicrosoftWorks, Word Perfect Office 2000, Word Perfect, AppleWorks, PFS First Choice, Lotus 1-2-3, TurboCAD, ESP(econometrics), Micro TSP (econometrics), Soritec (econometrics), RATS (econometrics), Computer Socio-Medics (medical records), JC80 / JC85 (building automation systems)

Foreign Languages : Signed English, American Sign Language, Arabic (speech & script).

Strengths:  Documentation, Systems, Medical Records, Problem Solving, Analysis, Standards, Metrics.

Memberships:  Society for Technical CommunicationInternational Association of Web Masters & DesignersRIT Alumni AssociationInstitute of Internal Auditors (former member).


Independent Consultant
Rochester, NY
Nov 92 - pres.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

United States Department of State
Foreign Affairs Data Processing Center
Washington, DC
May 89 - Sep 89

Johnson Controls, Inc.
Building Automation Systems Division
Milwaukee, WI
Apr 80 - May 85

National Technical Institute for the Deaf,
Rochester, NY
May 78 - May 79

Computer Systems Interactive
New York, NY
Sep 77 - Mar 78


Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY


Accounting, Auditing, Automation Systems, Arabic, Building Automation, Business Applications, Bondable, Classified, Computer Science, Database, Documentation, Employee Training, Feasibility Studies, Geometric Optics, HVAC, Institute of Internal Auditors, Information Service, International, ISO-9000, Mathematics, Middle East, MIS, Optics, Overseas, Physics, Probability, Psychrometrics, Relocate, R&A, Research & Analysis, Security Clearance, Security Systems, Sign Language, Society for Technical Communications, Software Applications, Software Engineer, Software Testing, SQA, Standards, Statics, Statistics, Systems Analysis, Technical Communication, Technical Writing, Technical Writer, Thermodynamics,Top Secret, Travel, Extensive Travel, Valid Passport.

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